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3rd party requests

If you want to make a request to somewhere other than the target as part of a handler, for instance to call a configuration server to identify which endpoint to proxy to, you can import httpRequest from intervene

The response is a promise, resulting in the same shape as when calling proxy() from a route handler.

Note that you can change the host of the url as part of the request before you proxy, so if you only need to change the host dynamically, you can do that directly in the handler.

httpRequest({ requestParams }): Response🔗

A function that makes an HTTP request. The response object is the same type as the proxy() method, so the response can be returned directly or modified and then returned. Obviously it's also possible to make a request and then return some other response as usual. Request parameters are defined as:

    | 'GET'
    | 'POST'
    | 'PUT'
    | 'DELETE'
    | 'HEAD'
    | 'OPTIONS'
    | 'PATCH'
    | 'CONNECT';
  url: string;
  headers?: { [key: string]: string | string[] | undefined };
  hostname?: string;
  payload?: Buffer;
  rejectUnauthorized?: boolean;